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Spotting a fellow farm hand

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I don’t have a resume, really, but if I did, under ‘other talents’ I guess I’d write ‘tell jokes and ride horses.’ But after just emceeing another fashion show benefit, I realize I have another ‘gift,’ if you will:

I can spot a fellow farm hand from across the room.

PBS is my style

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Quite a nice gesture was made to me a couple of weeks ago from a fellow classmate who had, of all things, found and purchased a woman’s high school ring on E-bay and wondered if it were mine.

“It’s the class of 1977,” he wrote, “and inside are the initials, PMS, and I wondered if you had lost yours?”

Inclement weather

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While I’m grateful not to have lost power and am sorry for those who did, it’s a wee bit irritating to prepare for the worst case weather scenario that was being played out on the local news, and receive just enough ice and snow to make friends of mine in New England scoff and send me a deluge of photos showing themselves standing next to Berlin

While we're still young

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It’s been in development for years but now being released on roads in the U.K. are the world’s first ‘driverless’ cars, i.e. two-seater ‘pods’ that roar down the pavement at 12 mph and are designed to take people on short journeys.

Give Facebook a break

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There are those that say, with some validation, that social media, particularly Facebook, is notoriously narcissistic: “it’s all about me, me, me- my fabulous children, our amazing skiing trip to Aspen, my wonderful husband, our agonizing choice between the Benz and the Beemer!”

What could be cooler than this?

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It’s not that I look forward to my own death (except during pledging on PBS and emptying the dishwasher), but I am very pleased a new product has come onto the market because, boys and girls, I absolutely intend to purchase it.

Obviously, before I check out.

I speak of the “Bios Urn,” which, according to its website:

Armchair baker

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I’ll bet adding a bit of fennel or caraway seed to that would be marvelous,” I mused, as Paul and I settled in with our wine and nibbles to watch another episode of ‘The Great British Baking Show,’ currently airing on PBS.

Listen, it’s winter. There’s little else to do but think about food.

Beans on toast

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A friend of mine, the lucky so-and-so, just left town for a six-week tropical vacation. As I break the ice in the horses’ water trough in the morning, I imagine her, lying on a Costa Rican beach with sun, sand, and a frou-frou drink, a paper umbrella stuck in it.


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