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About 6’1, actually

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Twice within the last month, someone has made this comment to me:

“You’re probably a Tall White.”

How do you respond to an accurate, if not disconcerting, summation of your physical characteristics? ‘Thank you for noticing?’ ‘I can’t help being born this way?’ ‘Kinda early to be drinking, isn’t it?’

Eau de La Pew!

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When my friend, Jessica, asked if I could help a well known animal rescue and sanctuary, I was all about it.

“What do they want me to do, a benefit, or something?” I asked. “Public appearance? Book signing? Put the word out on Facebook?”

Funny business

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Each year around this time I headline a stand-up comedy concert to benefit Big Oaks Rescue Farm in Greenwood, SC. This year the chosen venue was the historic Abbeville Opera House, and what a privilege it was to stand upon that stage.

C.R.A.P. method

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That doesn’t look good,” said Paul, happening upon me icing my leg at the kitchen table, after I’d smacked and twisted it while unloading hay out of the truck into the barn.

(In case you didn’t know, if you’ve ever wondered why trailer hitches were invented, it’s so that you can locate your shin in the dark.)

“Does it hurt?”

Bulletproof backpacks

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The saddest commentary I have ever witnessed occurred Tuesday evening while I watched a segment on a national newscast reporting that the sales of bullet proof backpacks for children have spiked. I didn’t even know there were bullet proof backpacks. However, need being the mother of invention...

Not a cheap date

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This is quite difficult to believe, but according to a well-researched article in USA Today, many Millennials (those young’uns spawned between 1981 and 1996) are eschewing dating because it’s become too expensive.

They call her, Shirley

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Welp, it’s been hot. And last week I felt as if I were walking side by side with Matthew Broderick as he grunted through basic training in the film, ‘Biloxi Blues.’

‘Man it’s hot. It’s like Africa Hot. Tarzan couldn’t take this kind of hot.’

Bat poop crazy

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It’s not as if I need another reason to love Queen Elizabeth, but an article in British papers this week made me want to go against all royal protocol and hug her neck.


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