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Georgie’s tail of woe

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We don’t often lose power here at the farm and when we do, it’s usually for minutes, maybe an hour. The timing, however, seems to always coincide just as I am about to step into the shower after a long, dusty (or muddy) day with the horses. And because we’re on a well, that means no water.

Swift justice

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Look, how can I not write about Taylor Swift this week? Or rather, the cyclone of coverage that swirls around her every move?

No, I’m not going to muse about the ballyhoo around whether or not anyone wants to see her for three second cutaways during NFL games, when her beau, Travis Kelce, makes a play.

Stumped at the dump

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"If there’s one thing I hate,” I vented coming into the house after a trip to the recycling center, “It’s dump amateurs! I mean, honestly, if you can’t figure out the parking sequence, don’t go! Get somebody else to drive.”

Two tough broads

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This week at The Funny Farm has not been for the faint-hearted.

When temps plummet and oblige us to disconnect the water to the barn and drain the pipes, while I use a couple of plug in, electric buckets to keep water warm, we still end up toting hot water from the house to help melt the outdoor water troughs and soak alfalfa.

The Big Cheese

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It’s taken a while, but Paul’s Christmas present has finally arrived—the first of a monthly delivery.

Yes, I did it… for the man who has the same reaction as the levitating Snuffles the dog on Quick Draw McGraw over a piece of Stilton, I made Paul a member of a “Cheese of the Month Club.”

Weather or not

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I have come to believe that weather apps are somewhat akin to a Magic 8 ball: they are rarely spot on, but more than likely vague and unhelpful.

About face

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Warning: Boomer alert.

I don’t know that the following is a rant…it’s certainly not scorn or cynicism. I think perhaps it is incredulity, with an egg wash of despair. Yes, okay, I hear you. I’ll get to the point:

O Tabbypaws. . .

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They said it couldn’t be done.

They said our best efforts would end in tears.

They even called us deluded rookies.

But we showed ‘em. At least so far….

Jig to the world!

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If there’s one thing that drives me crazy it’s the seemingly daily posts on social media and news paper offerings that blurt,
“You’re loading your dishwasher wrong!”

“You’re showering wrong!” (Read that yesterday.)


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