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On the verge of being a hot mess

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Every gal can use a compliment now and then to raise her spirits, to give her that “just got a haircut and, oh, I feel so much better,” feeling that automatically results in squared shoulders, a lighter step, and a lifted chin.

Ooo, baby, I was on the receiving end of not just one, but three- all in the same week!

Time capsule from the 90’s

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I had quite forgotten that my former longtime manager, now retired from the entertainment industry, had sent me an email that she was cleaning out her office and would be sending me a box “filled with goodies.” So as I was leading my young horse, Forrest, up the driveway, we both spooked at the enormous cardboard box, covered in fluttering, clea


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Live in the South long enough, and you will hear the phrase that is, and always has been, more effective than any device to extract information from its hapless victim–usually a man.

I hate collards

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You know what they say,” pretty much any southerner will tell you during the winter, “If you hear thunder, then you’ll have snow within seb’n days.”

“Seb’n?” I echoed the elderly gent, this past Wednesday, who has sold us produce for years, although without a Lucky Strike wedged in the corner of my mouth.

Five months and three weeks to go

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Looking to all the world as if he is sporting the world’s worst bikini wax, my young ex-race horse, Forrest, having just received an ultrasound where a layman might consider to be his thigh and the top of his bum, has been given a diagnosis of a mild stifle injury, requiring a lay-up of six months and very careful rehab.

Staying fit

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Talk about throwing down the gauntlet!

In the past week, actress Kirstie Alley, 64, has turned up on quite a few television shows as she flaunts her 50 pound weight loss, and Madonna, age 56, photographed wearing something that might have been a sling shot, have both released grumpy statements regarding middle-aged men.

The She Shed

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I had to inwardly applaud upon spying a post on social media, which read “Get rid of the Man Cave and bring back the Study.” It was illustrated, naturally, with side by side depictions of one room, garish in brash colors, posters of cheerleaders, vintage beer signs, pool table and a wide screen TV so enormous that one could count the nose hairs

I am so full

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Oh, Lawd, I am so full. Let me ‘splain:

Paul and I don’t exchange gifts beneath the tree for Christmas, anymore, but we do exchange stockings and you’d be surprised by what exquisite things can fit into a stocking: diamond earrings, a platinum money clip, the key to a new Mercedes...


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