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For Christine

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The irony was not lost on Paul this past week as, on the day normally spent marking the occasion his mother, Christine, brought him into the world, he was signing the papers from hospice to assist her in leaving it.

No more knick-knacks

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When you and your significant other have birthdays that fall within one week of each other, they sort of cancel each other out. Like voting Republican and your partner voting Democrat. Or sucking down a Venti Frappuccino while on the treadmill.

What are you, a model?

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When it’s time to renew your license, if you’re anything like me, you make an effort to look somewhat presentable: freshly coiffed hair, careful makeup, favorite top with a flattering neckline...all neatly in place, and with the self assuredness of looking reasonably attractive, you stand against the wall, the DMV worker steps behind the camera

What a lucky girl

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So there you are, sitting around in your underwear, watching the tube and discussing why anyone would be nuts enough to appear on ‘Naked and Afraid,’ when they receive no monetary compensation whatsoever (I know, right?), and the phone rings with an offer to reappear on a sitcom you did twenty years ago.

Back at the ranch

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As my friend, Robbie, pointed out during my 10 day jaunt to Los Angeles, this was one of the very few times in life I could appropriately use the phrase, “Meanwhile, back at the ranch...” without being decried as a complete literary hack.

Hollywood is people!

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To reply to concerned and well-meaning friends that have bid me adieu from the Carolinas as I headed back west to California, I am aware of the irony that I sound very much like Mitt Romney who, under attack from the left in regards to those businesses who had robbed pensions and laid off thousands while CEOs escaped with ‘golden parachutes,’ de

Are you sitting down?

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So how does it feel to be going back to Hollywood?” That’s what I’ve been gently asked of late, by friends (well, when you live in a town of 2,000, pretty much everyone is your friend) and waitresses, the guys at the feed store and fellow protestors at our local demonstration against Duke Energy.

Here come the bears

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How I miss my late neighbor during times like these.

It was generally around this time of year, when the peaches had been harvested from the surrounding orchards, that bears would come down from Glassy Mountain to, I suppose, “see what they could see.”

Just ask George Zimmerman

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If there’s one man who was appreciative of the story this week about the wealthy American dentist, Walter James Palmer, who, after spending tens of thousands of dollars to lure a cherished, collared and protected lion name Cecil out into the open in order to shoot, stalk, and finally kill and behead the animal, it’s Bill Cosby.


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